What is digital?


Digital is a word that has been on everybody’s lips for some time now. We have to go digital, digital is the solution… Of course it is undeniable that everything is more connected and as technology evolves we want to access all kind of services at any time in a blink of an eye.

So, if the urge for a digital transformation becomes genuinely tangible within your company and its top management, the chances are high you are facing some tricky questions such as: Where to start ? What to do? What is the purpose of such a transformation? How will we tackle this change to make it successful and useful ? And these questions remain probably unanswered and loom large. Cecil Dijoux’s book #hyperlean is an interesting read on the subject and provides a valuable insight on why digital transformation is complex and why companies have to think differently (English version soon to be published). Lire la suite « What is digital? »

Lean IT Summit 2017 : revivez la table ronde des experts du Lean, de DevOps et de l’Agile

Operae Partners soutient le Lean IT Summit depuis sa création. Sur ce blog, nous vous proposons de revivre les grands moments de la 6e édition de ce rendez-vous international qui réunit les experts du Lean et de l’Agile et tous ceux qui pratiquent le Lean IT dans leur DSI, chez des éditeurs de logiciels et les ESN. Le Lean IT Summit est organisé par l’Institut Lean France et le Lean Global Network à Paris.

Lire la suite « Lean IT Summit 2017 : revivez la table ronde des experts du Lean, de DevOps et de l’Agile »

Lean thinking for the digital enterprise – interview with Daniel T.Jones

Daniel T JonesDaniel T. Jones has contributed to arguably some of the most important management books of the last 30 years. In “The Machine that Changed the World”, and “Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Organization” Dan and Jim Womack describe the principles and practices behind the amazing growth of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

Dan’s thinking journey of the last few years have been quite interesting as he has been applying Lean thinking to the advent of digital. The latter has indeed been one of the main topics at the center of his interests: you can tell from the last conferences Dan gave. I personnaly find it interesting as this is somehow the opposite journey as the one I have made, from digital (collaboration platforms, agile …) to Lean. Note that I am not pretending here that my work is comparable to his invaluable contribution to management thinking.

Dan is a busy man. Yet he somehow managed to allow us some of his precious time. We are so grateful and honored to discuss the intersection of Lean thinking and digital with one of the men who invented the word Lean and deciphered Toyota system for us. Lire la suite « Lean thinking for the digital enterprise – interview with Daniel T.Jones »

How Lean Management has influenced Pixar

Ed Catmull is co-founder and president of Pixar. After having reached his life long goal (creating the first computer animated feature film) with Toy Story in 1996, Ed faced a terrible dilemma : what should be his next goal ? Looking at smart leaders and once successful companies stumbling and collapsing, Ed soon identified this new goal : overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration.

This is what this book is all about. Sure there are some delightful back stories of some of the most inspiring animated movies of all time. There also are the little secrets of working closely with Steve Jobs. But the most valuable takeaways of this book are elsewhere.

They are in the way Ed Catmull (with the helped of Amy Wallace) describes the path that a rather successful leader in a creative industry followed to protect Pixar and then Disney Animation from these unseen forces and to make both company strive. Interestingly enough, the core of his management and leadership practices lies in Deming principles and Japanese management : a book #BetterFasterTogether could not miss … Lire la suite « How Lean Management has influenced Pixar »